Ireland: A historical, cultural and culinary journey

Based in Cork, Ireland, the food and culinary capital of contemporary Ireland, enjoy a fascinating historical, culinary and cultural journey through Ireland’s past to its contemporary culinary prominence.

June 18-29 

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Italy: Live Your Best Expression Through Food, the Culinary Arts, History & Culture

Travel abroad to explore a new relationship with food and your health. Experience Italy's connection to ingredients that will make a  lasting impression on your health.

Expert speakers on food, the Mediterranean, the culinary arts,  your genes and optimum health. All against the backdrop of stunning cultural and historical tours. 

In 2017, take your pick of Florence or Puglia

Puglia: October 7 - 15, 2017

Florence: October 22 -31, 2017

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Genomic Kitchen for Health Professionals     

An introductory course backed by cutting edge research showcasing how nutrients and ingredients influence your genes.  

Help your clients learn which ingredients to choose and how to prepare them in the kitchen to offset the root causes of disease. 

June 2017




Extend Your Influence

Are you a private chef or RD? Step out of meal planning and into meal coaching

Empower your patients to create their own meals under your expert guidance. Online and recorded live. 

February 21 - March 21

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What's happening in 2017?

Learn to cook without a book and eat for your genes.

The Genomic Kitchen is where we reach for foods that coax your genes into action or support them when they are struggling. It’s a kitchen where the recipes support our innate biochemistry. No Nutrition Fact Panels here. Percentages and mathematics are not the languages our genes speak. 

How Does Culinary Genomics Influence Longevity?

(Listen in starting at minute 12)